I’m Melanie, owner and operator of Loup. All of our products are manufactured in Scarborough, Ontario Canada and we source fabric from Canadian companies whenever possible. As you may have caught on, keeping things local is a top priority!

Growing up my hair was constantly pulled back in some sort of hair accessory - usually a hair scrunchie. I danced, was a cheerleader, played soccer, even practiced baton swirling at some point! I love that the iconic hair scrunchie has never really lost it's appeal. However, I have noticed through much experience that several are painful, use uncomfortable fabrics and certainly aren't made in Canada. 

As a yoga and fitness lover my goal was to create a hair accessory that could transition seamlessly from my workout, back to life in the city (pain and discomfort free). Loup was created to offer the most comfortable and functional scrunchies on the market, all while maintaining a commitment to Canadian-made goods.

These hair accessories are designed to be worn anywhere, anytime, whether you’re out around town or sweating at the gym.

Thank you for support 💖